transitions: a place for dreams

everything changes: avatars; places; styles; but the heart remains



What is this project about?

Our goal is to extend access to opportunities and technology to those in transition. This project is designated for campaigns and initiatives to help homeless, refugees and international displaced persons, those who are temporarily without a place to sleep and families living without shelter long term, as well as those now housed but still considering themselves in transition.

We envision a dual project: 1) a web mashup of resources for displaced/homeless/folks in transition to a dream and 2) an innovative curriculum in Second Life in which people will be given not only access to the mashup resources, but also the mentoring required to help them plan a new life and create a virtual business.


Who are the organizers?

We are representatives of several nonprofits who met in the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life during NPC weekly meetings. Over the months we have realized that we each could bring unique resources to bear on a project that would be global in scope and that would bring resources to those who need them; awareness to everyone; and a way up for those who wish to work on creating a virtual business.

Project specifics

Our mashup plans (see Relevant Documents) are to draw on existing directories of homeless resources; posts made to the Homeless People's Network; homeless/displaced blogs; and the caring expertise of a network of involved persons.

All resources will be available in Second Life as well. Here, we will provide a program in which people can build a virtual home while going through a curriculum that includes sustainbility, personal finances, and planning for a new life, including a virtual business. In a second phase, those who choose to go on will mentor someone new to the project - and will be given the resources to manifest their virtual business.

To learn more:

Transitions Steps: An explanation of steps that mentors and mentees will progress through, beginning with the design, creation and use of a global mashup of resources; continuing to an innovative Second Life curriculum for life resdesign; and culminating in real life impact.

Our Tumblr blog, where we are gathering resources.

FYI Developers, above, provides answers to questions posed at the Google Netsquared Hackathon.

In Contact and Team Information, above, you will find email addresses and a bit more about our nonprofit team partners.



contact and team information

Ozma Malibu (Sandra Andrews at the Hackathon) provides technology assistance for those in transition through Floaters in Phoenix, AZ, and is our pilot program curriculum lead.

Kali Izdiak at Community Voicemail provides free phone numbers and voicemail to make the life stabilization and job search process easier.

Buffy Beale with Bridges for Women will mentor new project participants, especially formerly battered/abused women.

Amoration provides design and development assistance along with mentorship and planning behind the scenes.

Ren Javelin of the Faith Foundation, IHave NoLand of Street Smart Detroit, Rhiannon and Amulius at Vesuvius and many other volunteers from the Nonprofit Commons have provided technical and planning assistance as we gather these resources for this mashup.

We've talked to Kiva about providing technical assistance for the microloan business model and many virtual professionals have offered time, equipment and talent to help this project grow.